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New Dentures / Denture Repairs

New Dentures / Denture Repairs - Indianapolis Dentist / General Dentistry 

We Offer:

Immediate Same Day Dentures
New Dentures - Denture Repairs
Denture Relines - While You Wait

Full Dentures - Partial Dentures
Denture Relining - Dental Repairs
Same Day Dentures Denture Repairs

We are a full service dental office with a specialist’s touch. We provide our patients with personalized and affordable low-cost dental care covering all general dental services.

Today's new dentures are more natural looking and easier to wear than ever before. A full-set of custom made new dentures can be made if all natural teeth are missing, or a partial denture can be crafted to replace a few missing teeth. We have the experience to create natural looking and comfortable new dentures for our Indianapolis area patients. Advances in implant dentistry can make new dentures even more functional and retentive. A special type of full or partial denture can be fabricated that will lock into several dental implant posts that are placed into the jawbone. Implant supported  dentures greatly increase chewing and speaking ability for many patients.

New Dentures - Partial Dentures / Denture Relining / Repairs

Full New Dentures

Our full new dentures are custom fit to each patient for a natural appearance and comfortable fit. We offer premium denture service. Our premium service uses the very best materials and teeth and will normally wear longer and be less prone to accidental breakage.

Partial Dentures

Unlike a full denture, partial dentures replace some but not all of the teeth on the upper or lower mouth of a patient. Our partial dentures are custom fit to each patient for a natural appearance and comfortable fit. We offer premium partial denture service. Our premium service uses the very best materials and teeth and will normally wear longer and be less prone to accidental breakage.

We offer 6 hour service on laboratory relines with an appointment.

Soft Denture relines are often suggested for patients with very flat lower ridges and for those patients with chronic soreness of their lower ridge. We use an extremely high quality soft material which is manufactured to last for many years unlike cheaper versions that get hard and brittle after only a few months. Soft denture reline service does require the denture to be processed for 8 hours so we can offer overnight service with this type of reline or same day, if arranged in advance.

Denture Relining

At our Indianapolis location we are able to offer laboratory relines. This is the process of refitting a denture to compensate for natural changes in the oral tissue like shrinkage of bone and tissue. In many cases, but not all cases, patients will notice a need for relining when their dentures become loose or less stable when they are eating. In many cases breakage and soreness are also indications for the need of relining. There are many types of relines. We only perform 'laboratory' relines because we feel they are the best fitting and longest lasting type of reline, offer the best comfort, and require less adjusting afterwards.

Denture Repairs

Having a dental laboratory close by, we can do most denture repairs while you wait. Cracked dentures and tooth replacements usually take an hour or less to repair. We have access to a stock of thousands of teeth and can match any shape, size and shade tooth.

Types of Repairs:

-- Repair teeth broken out of dentures

-- Replace missing or lost teeth in dentures

-- Add teeth to partial dentures to replaced extracted natural teeth

-- Repair fractures in dentures and dentures broken in half

-- Add metal strengthener bars to existing dentures

As a professional Indianapolis dentist, my goal is to please you. Indianapolis Dental Center provides a you with a number of prosthodontic services and complete teeth-whitening services. We have the latest in technology resulting in more comfortable dental procedures. Our goal is to offer the highest quality dental care at affordable rates. The staff will file your insurance, and offer a variety of payment plans.

It's All About You

Having cosmetic or restorative dental work is a gift to yourself.

Having a dentist in Indianapolis like Dr. Kellie Schaub will give you a masterpiece you can shine on your friends and family every time you smile.

Contact us or schedule an appointment online to find out how our dental artists can give you something to smile about. For a Free Consultation Call Us Today!!

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